Feature Request - Friends Option

Question / improvement suggestion: Is there a way to have a “friends list” for users? If not, would that be something you’d consider? Not immediately of course?


I would also like a friends list in the future. While I consider all Lettuce Leaves friends, there are bound to be those that I contact more often and it would be nice if I could have a list to go to :slightly_smiling_face: But I also echo that there is no immediate need


I am quite keen on this. No immediate promises, but I’m writing it in my notebook. :memo: My notebook is a good place to be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’d also love this if it was possible


I would love this feature too! The posts don’t tell you (that I can see) who posted them until you click on them. I have several friends that I like to keep an eye on and encourage and friends that post on boards that I have just missed in the flurry of activity. Right now I have to search their names. It would make it much, much easier!

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One of the reasons I suggested that. :wink: