Feature Request - Pinterest Button?

I would love to be able to “pin” some projects! I tried by copying the link but I couldn’t get pinterest to use the picture of the project :slight_smile: Thanks!


Most browsers allow you to add extensions to your screen; one of those is pinterest so that no matter where you travel on the internet, you can pin whatever images you want to save.

It could be because everything is behind log in, pinterest can’t see the pic so can’t pin anything.

I’ve already pinned about 30 items…the save icon shows up right on the pictures for me…

Guess I’d better get the pinterest button… I had it once upon a time but I think I lost it somewhere. lol

Do you have to save to your computer first? Or can you pin from there?

I just pin and goes into a board I select. I have the Pinterest app loaded on my computer and phone.

Thank you everyone! I finally got it to work with the pinterest button on my browser :upside_down_face:

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