February 2021 ATCs Made to Order (minus two)

Here are the ATCs (minus two that haven’t been sent yet) from February that were made for individual people (mostly in the ongoing ATC swap) using a theme, themes, or just by thinking of them while crafting :slightly_smiling_face:

“Live Gently” for @Lynx. I used gelli print masterboard, paper ephemera, washi tape, text, scrap of black paper, and a postage stamp that I had set aside for another project for her but ended up not using :wink:

“Tevye’s Dream” for @fluffypants. Gelli print masterboard, watercolor paper & paints, gold inked arrows, and handwritten text. Inspired by the musical “Fiddler on the Roof”

“Impractical Woodlands” for @Lynx. Gelli print masterboards, cardstock, stamped images, colored pens, sticker, brad, and handwritten text.

And open:

“Ural Jasper” for @thanate. Gelli print masterboards, washi tape, text, and postage stamp.

“A Canker in the Hedge” for a theater acquaintance. Gelli print masterboard, washi tape, sticker, and text from the play “Much Ado about Nothing” by Shakespeare. She chose the line I used and the script I have had a note about the “canker” referring to a wild dog-rose, considered as a weed.

“English Paper Pattern Piecing - Pot Holder” (say that ten times fast!) for @Whistlefish. This one was a bit tricky and this is my second attempt :wink: gelli print diamonds, washi tape “binding”, and hung on a brad against a scrapbook paper “wall”. Inspired by a real potholder that doesn’t hang and the never-ending quilt I’m sloooooowwwwwwllllllllllllyyyyyyy making :slight_smile:

“Go Out, Find Beauty” for @bluebird. Gelli print masterboard, washi tape, postage stamp, and text from a children’s book & stickers.

Thanks for looking! I have two more that would go in this post but I haven’t sent them yet so I’ll share them later :wink:


Love your little pieces of art…how you made them, what supplies you used, and your inspiration…nice collection…your masterboards are wonderful…no two alike!

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Another collection of gorgeous atcs!

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Lovely! You have such a distinct style but still manage to create unique wee works of art with each card.

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Such wonderful little pieces of art. I like how different all the pieces are.

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