February Atc Cards

I made 7 atc claims for the February atc swap.

The Berenstain Bears tree house for megwell (such a fun theme!) I loved those bears as a kid!

“Shh, Be Kiwet” for reinikka. It’s something her son says! You may recognize this squirrel!

This mash-up for stained glass, birds, and blue lamp for bluebird was inspired by this lamp I found online.

Artist choice for curiousfae. I felt the lady on the stamp was brave so she dances even though everybody is watching! The rainbow card came from the stack of stash busting/cleaning/sorting I did several weeks back and talked about in the lounge.

The goldfinch above for curiousfae and design my username for whistlefish below.

Lynx (my HS mascot) Lancer (my kids’ mascot.) We are all maroon and gold!


Fun foreign word for whistlefish.

Thanks for looking! (megwell and reinikka I borrowed your pics, thanks.)


These are awesome!
And the bird lamp recreation is chefs kiss perfection!

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The Lucy one still makes me giggle! :smile: I love my squirrel card too :kissing_heart: And I’m digging the stamp card! Great choice of colors and composition. Did you add white dots to the stamp or am I imagining it?

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I think it was just part of that stamp.

Thanks so much ladies!

I cannot get over that Be Kiwet squirrel card. The look on his face :rofl:. My other fave (aside from the one that’s miiine) is the rainbow.

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Be Kiwet is cracking me up too! My teenmanboy had some funny speech when he was wee, a couple of the mispronounciation still get used by the family to this day.


We have adopted a few of his pronunciations :laughing: It’s so hard to correct him when he’s just so dang cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mee-mote-kinna-twoahl = remote control. I crack right up when my towering Viking calls it that, just too hilarious!

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The top card is my favorite. I love the way you did it. Pretty writing on it too.