Feed Me! Man Eating Plant

Over in the Green Thumb Swap I sent this darling delight to kittykill! Designed on the fly she gave me a few fits as any man eating plant is expected to! It was a lot of fun to design her though and work out some assembly logistics.



I love it so much! It totally fits my style. Cute and horror. :rofl: She is now sitting with my violets under my creature from the black lagoon poster.


Hehe! Cute! “Feed me, kitty, feed me all night long!”

This definitely looks like a mean, green mother from outer space! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: very cute!!

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This is the best! Wow!

This is awesome!

This is delightful and fun!

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That’s amazing! I love the pot too!

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What a fantastic gift!

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My niece, Audrey, needs one of these! I love it!

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How fun is this!?

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