Feeling A Little Pale

I created this Day of the Dead ATC for @steiconi in the Ongoing Wish Swap based on several photo references. My husband bought me a nice set of alcohol markers for Mother’s Day and I gave them a test run on this piece rather than my normal watercolors.

I didn’t get a chance to snap a good pic, alas.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the result, but I need to work more on my blend technique and on handling hair.

Initial sketch:


It’s now mine, already framed and hanging on the “folk art” wall!


She’s very pretty! She has such a delicate and serene expression, and I love the detail on her hair shading. :heart: :skull:

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I so admire your courage in trying new techniques and mediums. Your skills and talent have truly blossomed as you continue to create your fabulous pieces. There is whimsy in this piece…it gives me a feeling of contentment and mischief as well as displaying and honoring a cultural tradition.

I agree with @steiconi that is does have a very folk art feel as well and has a place on her art wall in that category!


@steiconi - where did you find such a small frame? I love that you have a folk art wall and am honored my art has a spot on it!

@EriChanHime - thank you!

@AIMR - aww thank you! I love trying new techniques, tools, and mediums. I’m a committed dabbler!


I’ve had it a while, fancy “carved” look in turquoise blue. Perfect except a bit too small, so too much of the edges of the picture are hidden. I’m looking for something a little bigger. Or maybe I’ll 3D print one.

Found a great frame for the octopus. Dull silver, sort of viney design that echoes tentacles or seaweed and matches the silver highlights in the picture. Love that octobaby!

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That silver frame sounds awesome! If I could 3d print or carve my own frames, I’m pretty sure that’s all I’d ever do!