Felt cat toys: Krill & Crab from Sky: Children of the Light

The other day when I was stuck on an all-day training call, I needed to keep my hands occupied in order to keep my brain focused. So I used some scraps of felt and whipped up a couple little catnip toys for my kitties.

I play a lovely computer game called Sky: Children of the Light. In this game your character walks & “flies” around various realms, collecting light/wax from candles and interacting with ancient spirits. No shooting, no fighting, just cooperation, friendship, gorgeous art, storytelling, and humor. The only bad guys are “dark crabs” and “dark dragons”, affectionately called crabs/krebs and krill/s. You do not fight them, you just learn how to avoid them.

Crab & krill in game:


If you are looking for some nice computer game, try Sky! I would be happy to help you get started.

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These are so fun! Why do I imagine that that the kitkats fight them rather than avoid them? :upside_down_face:


Oh yes. The krill (which in game can spot you, turn red, and then bean you hard so you go flying off course) got beaned by Oyster VERY quickly. She tormented it for an hour.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Here is a krill rearing up & getting ready to bean some unsuspecting player…

Truly the only “scary” part of the game, they only live one place, and they can’t kill you. Just delay you.

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Your kitty is absolutely adorable and I love the toys. Now they can play while you play!

Oh my gosh I hadn’t thought of it that way! Ah ha ha ha ha - now I have to get a video of my cats playing, next to me playing, and submit it to the fan art group. It’s performance art. THANK YOU this is hilarious. Hee!

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