Felt flower hoopla

In the recent Mini Make a Friend swap, @Ewulotta’s pinterest boards had a number of different hooplas and quite a lot of felt work, so I was inspired to make this hoopla for her.

I used a number of different videos and tutorials - these are the links to the youtube videos I used -
but I also looked at lots of other tutorials :smiley:

The small pink flowers and all the leaves were just made up, mostly just to add a bit of greenery

Closer view of the Peony and darker green leaves

Closer view of the Cosmos

Closer view of the Freesia - I stitched the other two flowers, but had to give in and use the hot glue gun for this one!

Closer up view of the small pink flowers and the lighter green leaves

I used a glitter white felt as the background, cut out the letters for ‘grow’ and stitched it on the background before attaching any of the flowers

I arranged the flowers first, so that I could play around with the layout, and then stitched the flowers on. When I had attached all the flowers, there seemed to be a bit too much white space, so I added a few sequins to fill it in a little

The back was finished off by hot gluing a piece of felt to the back of the frame

I have worked with felt quite a lot in the past, but never made any flowers - I can see this becoming a new addiction :grin:


This is so so pretty :heart_eyes: I love it very much and I could just look at it all day long!
Did you know that you picked some of my favourite flowers? They are all so beautiful and the colour combo is just perfect!

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Wow, this is just so pretty and spring-like!

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So pretty!!

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No way, that is crazy!! And makes me happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I love the extra depth the flowers hanging off the frame add! Now I want to try something similar, but using the double hoop method that lets you cut out the center like a wreath, to hang outside my front door. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks so much for including the flower tutorial links! :two_hearts:

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That would look gorgeous :smiley:

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It’s very pretty!

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This so bright and pretty! Wonderfully done.

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