Felt needlebooks, mushroom and a cookie!

I made a whole bunch of needle books a few years ago as gifts and for swaps. This red and white dotted toadstool was one of my faves.

I didn’t keep it though, I kept this cookie!

It’s got 4 pages and holds all the regular sewing needles, doll making, curved, etc. Somebody asked how I keep needles sorted out, beading and embroidery are kept in other books so they don’t get mixed up.

I’ve switched to using only 100% wool felt but these were made with craft acrylic and have held up very well over years of regular use.


I remember when these were very popular in swaps! I love the “crumbs” beside the cookie. I can just envision the fairies that live in that sweet toadstool. Good job.


I was given a needle book, and have been thinking about actually using it (after making a modification or 2). TBH, I have 1 needle that is my favourite, and I don’t like how there is flippy top or bottom. I’m sure tension will keep them in, but I’m skeptical. Am I right in how it works?

I also applaud the cookie crumbies!



Are you concerned that it would fall out? I have never had a needle fall out of mine…especially if it is wool felt because the wool “forms” around the needle and really does hold it in well. What you might like for your own peace of mind might be the matchbook style of needlebook…it does have a bottom as an extra measure of security!

@Magpie I love the cookie! I imagine if you had only mushrooms, it would be harder to remember what held what! Variety is good and especially if they are all cute like these are!


Yes! I don’t want them to fall out! It probably is acrylic of some kind. We can’t buy wool ones locally, and I’m sure she used what she had. I will have to check.

I rarely take this needle our of the house. I take a back up one. This one is perfectly bent! And so smooth! Yum!


You always manage the perfect blend of form and function, don’t you? Those are adorable!


I have used a felt needlebook that smittenheart made for me in a swap, for years. And it looks good as new!

I love yours, Magpie!

I think I’ve also figured out why I love all of your crafts so much, Magpie! It’s because it’s so obvious that you have put 110% effort into what you do with every project and it shows.


I like these! I have all the needlebooks that people have made me over the years. I think I might start displaying them as a collection.

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These are adorable! I love it when functional items are also so cute!!

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Thanks everybody! I do love a good looking, serviceable tool. It’s nice when things are pretty to look at as well as functional.

I have never had a needle fall out! But you could certainly make a book that folded up entirely secure.

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Sweet cookie :smiley:

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I love them both! The gill details on the mushroom are my favorite.

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