Felt ornaments, blue turtle & rainbow unicorn

It feels like ages since I’ve made something.
These were for 7 year old twins.

From a free pattern online.
I liked the challenge of using all one colour (his fave) for this one. The underside is a lighter shade and there’s a blue ribbon loop for hanging. Can you believe there were 4 shades of blue felt in my stash?

My version of an online image. The horn has a sparkly spiral, the back is purple felt with a ribbon for hanging.

Both have layers of fluffy felt fused to the inside & there’s batting for dimension & stability.
I hear they got taken to bed, lol. They are 100% wool so shouldn’t get fuzzy or pilly. Aside from the ribbon and the black eye circles, they can be ironed too, in case of enthusiastic love squishing.

Fun making bright & cheerful projects to give away. It was good for my spirit :blush:


So happy and cute! I’m happy you were able to craft again. It brings such joy! And even more so when you are making gifts.


So cute!!

And YES I can believe all that felt came from your stash! :laughing:


Omg, theses are so cute, I love the turtle and the unicorn…
I remember, I did some a couple of months back. It was painful to sew :woozy_face:

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Adorable. :heart:

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This are really sweet and cute! Great way to get back in the crafting saddle!

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Thank all. This project reminded me how much I enjoy sewing felt ornaments. Just in time for the holidays, kinda perfect :blush:.

and the twins ADORE them!!! Thank you so much this was so thoughtful and they are decking out their bunkbeds they may make it to a tree we shall see!

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