Felt Puffin Ornament

I stitched this little guy up with felt for my partner in the Holiday Present Swap. I had to find a pattern online then cut and stitch all those tiny pieces together! I’m quite happy with the results!


EEEP! A puffin! Love it!

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It’s so adorable! I was supposed to go on a puffin cruise in Maine this summer, but the puffins started migrating early, so we had to take a different cruise (which was nice, but I so wanted to see the puffins!). So, this makes me happy to see at least a felt version of a puffin!

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Adorable! And very realistic.

He is mine! He is so cute, and I love him!

Just look at this wonderful puffin! Really cute.

Adorable, and what perfect stitching!

Your stitches are perfection! Turned out adorable.