Felt Valentines and also Pipe Cleaner Valentine

I made these valentines for family and friends this year. They were all different, these are just my favorite two.

I used:
-craft felt
-embroidery floss
-little craft felt hearts from Target $1 spot
-little heart buttons from last year’s Target $1 spot
-bling sticker
-thin silver wire
-beads from a strand that I purchased at Michaels

They are not stuffed and do not have a back to cover the stitching. I envisioned them hanging around a magnet against a fridge (or, in my case, a magnetic door).
I created a cardboard template from tracing a piece of heart shape paper that I had in my stash. I used my pinking shears to cut the heart, then I stitched. The wire was poked through the felt, strung with beads and curled up at the ends with one of my wire shapers.

Oh, and I forgot to make two more for my niece and nephew at college, so I created these simple valentines out of pipe cleaners and thinly cut valentine fabric that I had in my stash. I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to stitch up another heart.


Aw! Very sweet! I love the dangly strips on the pipe cleaner version.

They are so sweet.

They are all so vintagey cool! The beads look like sparkly gummies, that’s really nifty.

These are all so charming… I bet everyone loved them!

These are awesome, and I really love the look of the pipe cleaner one with the ribbons.

Those are really cute!

They are so cute, the beads look like candy!