Fiber Friday 5/28

My big project this year is spinning for a sweater (and then making the sweater). The fiber is all from Sheep Shed Studio.

I broke up the fiber into roughly 4-ounce braids. These are the first two - one undyed and the other chestnut. I’m aiming for DK weight in a-3 ply, and these ended up about 13wpi.

Another thing I’m doing is keeping track of how much time goes into this project. I have an app on my phone that has a timer and allows for all kinds of data input for each project.

These two hanks of yarn represent nearly 24 hours of work.

#1. Undyed, domestic wool blend. 122g, 275yds, ~13wpi

#2. Chestnut brown domestic wool blend. 117g, 236yds, ~13wpi


Gorgeous yarns!

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Thank you!

Lovely! :yarn:

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Nom, looks like s’mores!


These will make a really pretty sweater. Lovely!!


Thanks, you guys!

You’re a pro! I can’t wait to see the final project!

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Thank you! I wish I was a pro…I’m working on it, but I have been focused on a certain type of yarn. I just splurged on a breed sampler to expand my skills and introduce a bit more variety into my spinning. There’s so much I haven’t tried (yet)!