Fiber Friday 7/24

I finished up the pound of undyed wool I got from Sheep Shed Studio. It was actually a little more than a pound - yay, bonus!

I did lose this round of bobbin chicken, though, so I have three hanks in total…

  1. 206g, approx. 364 yards (posted last week)
  2. 209g, approx. 305 yards
  3. 57g, approx. 95 yards



All three together, before bath:


I really need to up my spinning game so I can participate in Fiber Friday again! I have a lot of roving to spin, just haven’t gotten around to it lately.

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The Tour de Fleece just finished up so I have a bit of spinning I can share.

This was a mini batt set Cair Paravel from Inglenook Fibers.

This is Yarnbombing also from Inglenook Fibers.

And a little bitty skein where I was playing with beads.


It’s all gorgeous!!

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I usually get bored spinning a solid color but your yarn is lovely.

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So pretty! I love the tweedy texture of the minis!

Thank you! I get kinda bored with the solids, too, TBH. But, I was hoping to paint it after spinning. Now that I’m a little more comfortable with my wheel, I may treat myself to some fancier roving.

Thanks. I believe the tweedy bits are silk noil.

I’ve been treating myself to prettily dyed roving a little too much lately. It’s all so pretty I sometimes have a hard time saying no.

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I washed my yarn and it fluffed up so much. It’s like a squishy cloud!