Fighter jet model made by my son

I don’t know how widely known PlayMais is in other countries but in Germany it’s a very popular craft item for preschoolers and kindergardeners.

Usually they model things like this out of it:

But one day I came home from work after my 11 yo had been crafting with his little sister and this is what I found:

I’m totally stunned and think it deserves a bigger audience.


That’s so awesome!

What ^^ she said!

My little boy heart is going “BRRRRRRT”.

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Oh, that is awesome! What a wonderfully detailed creation. And I adore that he was crafting with little sis’, that’s the sweetest.

He’s a really caring big brother. It’s amazing how much he helps. Probably without even noticing. It’s just so natural for him.

This is fantastic – excellent design detail and scaling…and I love the flames shooting out of the engine nacelles, the perfect finishing touch!

I think you might just have a future airplane pilot on your hands! wow…very good attention to detail…and for him to make it out of what he had on hand!


That just wonderful!! Yay for siblings being creative together!

Thanks everyone!

@AIMR I sure hope he turns out to be an engineer just like his mom. I even worked in the aircraft industry for a short period.