Finally Finished Frankenteddy!

Back on the old site, I took part in the Frankenteddy swap. I honestly don’t even remember how long ago it was. But I never finished my bear. I don’t really remember why. I thought I was missing parts, but when I gathered it up from my parents’ house I had all the parts. I think at the time I was just too intimidated to sew together the head. Whatever the reason, I was inspired by the What’s your most embarrassingly old/neglected project? thread to finally finish my bear. And I’m happy to report that I finally did! Presenting my finally finished Frankenteddy:

Teddy has basically been put into service as a pillow because it’s too big to put anywhere else. :laughing:


This brings back memories! I kept track of all the swaps I was in, including this one, it started on January 30, 2007.




What a cutie patootie! Congratulations on finishing and doing such a great job of it.


How awesome!!! Congrats on getting him done!!

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That’s cool that a thread encouraged you to finish something from ages ago! Something about that red plaid makes the ted seem like an arm-wrestling champion. I bet Frankenteddy is super comf to lay back on and cuddle with.

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Wow, so that means it took me 16 years to finish! :scream:


Thanks everyone!

He’s adorable! Well done for finishing him too - gives me hope that I might finish some of my very old WIPs too :smiley_cat: Inspirational!


How fun! It’s great that it can bring back some fond memories. It turned out super cute!

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:scissors: :yellow_heart: :thread: Congratulations! Your adorable little Frankenteddy is a Featured Project this week! :thread: :yellow_heart: :scissors:

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Aw, Teddy will be so honored!