“Find your way home” Rumi quote embroidery – with free pattern

When I was writing cards for my friends in the Little Good Things swap, I chose some quotes and added one to each card. This was a quote that seemed especially apt as we were on the journey to our new home. And when @kittykill announced the theme for our first salad-y stitchalong as “Home Sweet Home”, I knew I had to dust off the embroidery supplies and stitch this.

The colour is really hard to capture, it’s a dusty grey-blue, probably about halfway between the two photos.

I drew the pattern, and I’m happy to share a pdf of it.

Pattern notes:-

Stitched with 2 threads of DMC stranded cotton throughout (unless stated otherwise). Print pdf at actual size (my printer is set at A4, but yours may be different). Transfer design using your favoured method. Because there are some fine details and tight curves, I recommend a reasonably smooth fabric – I used a cotton fabric remnant.

I’ve noted the colours and stitches I used on the dusty blue fabric, but I suggest you choose colours to suit your own fabric colour, and stitches that you enjoy doing. I almost stitched some of this in metallics – I think that could look great!

Lettering – DMC 310 – small back stitch lines and colonial knots for the “i” dots (single french knot for the “i” in “rumi”)

“HOME” – small back stitch outline (DMC 310), colonial knots (big dots, DMC 341), single french knots (small dots, DMC 341)

Clouds – DMC 341 – stem stitch (make it small when going around tight curves)

Birds – DMC 597 – outlined with fine backstitch using one thread, then filled with split stitch (2 threads – see pro tip below)

Stars – DMC 762 – straight stitch (big pointy stars), colonial knots (bigger dots), single french knots (smaller dots). The dots for the small stars on the pattern pdf approximate what I stitched, but won’t be 100% the same, as I did a mix of colonial knots and french knots by eye for the small stars.

For a quicker/easier project:-

The lettering was quite fine and fiddly, so for a faster project, you could stamp the lettering (you will need fairly smooth fabric) with ink and rubber letter stamps. You could use this quote, or why not choose another favourite quote? (I suggest you test your layout on a bit of paper.) Then you can stitch the design around it to suit. The birds would look nice in a small stem stitch or back stitch if you don’t like doing fill stitching. Or you could mix it up and experiment with other stitches. Add your own twist!

Pro tip:-

For a smooth edge in a small filled design like the birds, I often outline the shape in back stitch first, using a single strand of stranded cotton. Then when I fill in the shape (with satin stitch, long and short stitch, or split stitch; I usually use 2 threads for a small design), I pierce the thread of the outline stitch with my needle as I go around the edges. This gives a very fine outline and sharper edge.

Close up:-

I’m so grateful that our creative community has this wonderful new home :sparkles: Happy stitching!


:heart_eyes: this is so beautiful! Love the saying, love the colors, love the design!


It’s so lovely and I am chuffed that you shared it with all of us here. You are so great :kissing_heart:
Would you show a close up of one of the birds as an example of your pro tip?


This is so pretty! & your stitching looks so good! :slight_smile:


Beautiful design and beautiful quote :blue_heart:


Simply beautiful.

Thanks for the pro tip! My satin stitches aren’t nearly as even. By piercing the single outline strand you mean “splitting” it? Or do you start your stitch on one or the other side of the outline?


Beautiful and thanks so much for sharing the pattern. ooh 2 strand satin stitching? interesting, I don’t think i could ever get 2 to lay flat enough, do you place the needle between the 2 threads when you go down from front to back?


I absolutely love how modern this piece is. The scattered stars with french knots is brilliant, and then again in the HOME lettering. Swallows are perfect for this piece.

truly lovely. great layout and execution. i’m so happy you made and shared this!

:four_leaf_clover: :metal: :shamrock:


Thanks everyone! I have sent the pdf to sweets, so it should be available soon.

Yes! As soon as the sun comes up … (damn insomnia, it’s 5am here …)

I find satin stitch fiddly too, getting smooth edges in satin stitch is hard. I actually used split stitch to fill these birds. With the outline in this piece, yes, I took the needle through the single strand outline, splitting it. So the outline you see is only half a thread. It’s very fine, hard to see, but it creates the effect of a smoother edge.

Another technique is to begin and end your satin stitch just outside the outline - this creates a nice raised/padded effect. Satin stitch is a bear, to keep it straight it can help to start in the middle and work out both sides.

It does depend on the size of the shape I’m filling and the effect I want, so I might use more strands sometimes, but this is only tiny. In this piece, the outline is only one strand, but the fill stitch is two, and I pierce the outline thread with the needle both coming up and going down. It’s a little fiddly, but I like the effect. :grinning:

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So tiny! Thank you!


Close up added :smiley_cat:

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Wow - beautiful.


Lovely indeed :purple_heart:

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Oh this is really beautiful…I love it

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This is so beautiful, and I love that you are sharing the pattern and some tricks :smiley:

I think your stitching is amazing, so pretty and perfect

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Truly beautiful. Well done.

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@Pigeon says she loves it so now I’ll have to make one for her :).


The most perfect quote for this journey we have taken.

I love the knots in HOME the most, actually.

Thanks for stitching this up and sharing it.

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Beautiful pattern and stitching!

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Beautiful design and perfect stitching!
Also, how kind of you to share your design.

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