Fingerless glove pattern?

Does anyone have a favorite guys finger-less glove pattern they could recommend? I’m having a hard time finding one sized for men.

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Do you belong to Ravelry? They have a lot that are suited for men. I find that using a ribbed pattern gives a lot of stretch and will fit a lot of sizes easily.

Here is a simple one…it is free, so if you can’t get it, let me know…I have it as a PDF.


My favourite pattern doesn’t have individual fingers, but it’s very easy to knit.

It’s a free download on ravelry. It’s pretty easy to customise by tweaking number of cast on stitches, yarn, length of rib, rib pattern etc. I keep track of the increases with a stitch marker and do both mitts at once with magic loop (one thumb pointing left and one right so I’m able to bind off for the thumb opening.

For this pair I winged it completely, using a stitch pattern my husband picked for himself:


Oooh I may have to make those for me. He really wants fingers on his though…

You can modify it to how many fingers you need…just stop at the place you want with a few rows of ribbing. I like these for men or women.


I love that someone decided cigar gloves were a NEED. :rofl:

Those are perfect!! Thank you so much

After being on the internet all these years, nothing surprises me…I know a few people who actually would love those gloves…ha ha…since you have to smoke outside in almost all places, it is not a bad idea at all! :slight_smile:

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