Fir trees all in a row 🌲

A few years back my mother made my kids scarves with double sided knitting. I don’t see any double knitted blanket patterns, although I didn’t look too hard.

I did find a potholder of a tree. :slight_smile: :grinning:

I have to send her a picture of your blanket and see what she thinks. (I predict she’ll say “I’m 80 years old, I’m not starting THAT”).


Oh, I googled “overlay crochet” and I see it is easier than the other type of mosaic crochet that I’ve done before. But still, a blanket that size was a TON of work!

I’ll have to try overlay mosaic crochet someday. Not even gonna attempt any kind of knitting! :rofl:


WHoa! This is fabulous. I love how it looks great from both sides. So beautiful.

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I definitely overlay vs inset. Overlay is even easier when you incorporate the fringe into the design like I did on my geometric blanket I posted a while back. Using the envelope border hides the ends so you don’t have a bazillion ends to weave in, but on this blanket, the fringe would have been on the sides instead of the top and bottom. I don’t like that look, hence using the envelope border.


This is so amazing!!

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I’m swooning!

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In my YouTube feed this morning, was this:
[](Continuous Overlay Crochet with NO ENDS)

Looks like an interesting technique for avoiding a bazillion ends when doing overlay mosaic crochet.


this is EPPP.PICK. wOwZah!!!

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Thanks! I’m working on a second one now done in rainbow self striping yarn. I think I’ll finish it today. I love it even more than this one! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I dunno. I adore greens. So I’ll happily wait and see what a rainbow one looks like!

mosaic crochet is in my list. But I really want to make that little fox biscornu first. You need to staph it already!!! : )