Fire bead necklace

I made this a bit back this past summer. I call if my fire necklace because I chose all the beads to represent fire. I really like the little charcoal colored stones to add a little depth.


Definitely a fiery vibe! It’s cool! I mean, hot! :fire: haha


This is really pretty! Definitely an eye catcher!

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Oh wow that is one stunning piece! Great choice of colours.

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Pretty! I like the charcoal too, it does add depth.

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Beautiful! I agree the dark stones are the perfect detail with the sparkly fire beads.

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It’s lovely! Your choice of beads for the necklace is top notch :slight_smile:

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This is absolutely beautiful!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Pretty :slight_smile:

great job on your bead color choices!

The beads really do look like fire. I love the varrying lengths too!

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This is really pretty, I love that the chain is dark, and that there are two chains, it gives the necklace something extra which fits well

I actually said “Ooooo” out loud because I really like the charcoal stones mixed in! What a great idea!