First attempt Cookie Decorating Class - Fall Themed

I was recently inspired by some amazingly scrumptious and beautifully decorated cookies I got from @endymion in the Fall 2022 STS.
She made some fantastic cookies for my mothers birthday. She was so delighted that when we saw a class being taught for cookie decorating, she told me she wanted to go.
Our cookies did not taste nearly as good as endymions. The cookies were already made for us. Our decorations didn’t turn out as nicely either. My Mom wanted to tell her that this class made her appreciate the cookies and her talent even more. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We were given five cookies. Four were decorated with piping and the flood icing, one was just kind of mushed into the icing for a sort of tie dye effect that was a complete fail on mine so I doused it with sprinkles. Ha!
The concept reminded me of what I have heard about watercolor painting where you have more than one going at a time so parts can dry. I am not that kind of crafter. I like to dig right in and keep going, so you can tell where I didn’t let it set up enough (the pumpkins in the back of the truck).
It was a lot of fun though. I would do it again. Besides, these pictures are all that is left of my failure. I had to eat all the evidence.

PS. That is supposed to be a gnome. I was confused about what it was during the class. She had to tell me.


These are a really, really good first effort!


These are so cute. Good job!

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reading your description before I scrolled down to see the pics I was expecting a hot mess.
But they are cute and look good. I esp like the pumpkin. the gnome kinda looks like candy corn.


They are absolutely gorgeous! Hope you guys had fun. I really enjoy decorating cookies.

You are right; cookies are a multi-step process process, where you are working on all of them back-and-forth in stages. And if you include the baking part, they certainly take multiple days. (Unless you have people helping. Or maybe if you are super-fast like those baking-challenge people on TV.)

Taste-wise… it is very hard to find just the right cookie recipe that is sturdy enough to handle the extra moisture of the icing, but still tastes good.

And almost all the classes and tutorials use royal icing, which does give the best results as far as appearance goes, as well as strength/durability… but in my opinion, does not taste very good.

I like to use a glaze instead, which tastes way better but does sacrifice the sharpness of the design.

Your first efforts really do look wonderful! And I bet you and your mom had a great time.


I agree with @geekgirl - I expected to see a huge disaster. But all I saw were cute cookies!! I think you did an amazing job!

And I also agree that the gnome is reminiscent of candy corn. Adorable!


These look super clean. I would never have known it was your first try.

Gnome makes so much more sense than “candy corn Pokeball,” which is where my brain was.



@gozer Great job! I wouldn’t have guessed it was your first time! Those look great!

:laughing: I knew it reminded me of something!

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Love all those little pumpkins! Your artistic flare clearly shines no matter what tools you’re using.


Awe, thanks everyone.
I had no idea what that gnome was and still disagree with what I was told. I stared for a good ten minutes before I asked. It was the first eaten.

Your frosting was so much better tasting too! The cookies were fantastic. My mom and I are even more impressed since taking the class. And I don’t think the orange cat cookies you made her will ever be eaten. They are in the freezer. LOL!


Nice job! I agree–I would not know that was a gnome…lol

My sister had a small cookie business for a few years and came up with some really cute designs! She loved doing it and it was a nice way for her be creative and giving a gift that everyone seems to like!

She won’t even give me her sugar cookie recipe… :laughing: … they are so delicious that I just wait for her to make them for me!