First Cricut Project (lantern and doily)

For YEARS I have been wanting a cricut and about 2 weeks ago they were having a sale so I finally got one. I decided to dive right in and try it out. I made a lantern and a doily! I think the plate and doily need some sort of bee cake or cookie to go with it.

Now that I have my Cricut I want to make all things! Any advice? Any vendors that you love?


Pretty impressive first projects!

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Highly recommend checking out YouTube tutorials. You can upload basically any image you can find (you’ll have to spend time cleaning it up) and make a cut file. Tutorials are great for learning how the different functions work (weld, slice, etc). Also you can use any font on your computer, check out dafont for lots of free ones.

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You really jumped into some elaborate cuts! If you’re interested in 3D paper projects with excellent video assembly instructions, and Dreaming Tree ( are sources I like a lot.

These turned out great. Looks like a lot of weeding. Nicely done.

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Very pretty!!!

Greta job for your first projects!!

Some SVG Websites you might want to check out are: (every day they have three commercial licensed freebies, one font and two graphics/craft svgs)

If you are looking for some free font websites you can check out

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Beautiful! Welcome to the amazing world of crafting! You’ll have so much fun during the holidays – there will be so many opportunities to show off your work! Enjoy! ❤️

i really love it, idk if i can write that here

I agree that it looks great, especially for the first project!
Speaking about vendors, where do you get SVG files? I usually address Art4youSpace for custom SVG files. I like the way they work as they not only offer a great collection of designs, but also can create a file according to my desires and needs. And the price is reasonable.
Still, it would be great to know other good places.