First Ever Baby Sweater

I finally finished knitting my first ever baby sweater! It is lumpy and imperfect and I am so proud of it!

Before this I had only ever knitted scarves, using only the knit stitch. My mom recently taught me how to purl, and showed me how she used to knit simple stretchy sweaters for me and my brother when we were newborns. She says she particularly liked them because the sleeves were so stretchy, you could reach in, grab the baby’s arm, and pull the sleeve back over it.

I actually tried to make one of these a couple of years ago, but got really frustrated and gave up. Now I’ve finally finished this “practice” sweater out of some yarn we just found in the garage, and I’m hoping that with this practice under my belt I can finally do a neater job with the cuter yarn I have.

Also, here it is on @storerboughtcreation 's childhood Pound Puppy, because I needed a model (and I’m visiting her yaaay!):


Congratulations!! It’s fantastic! I rarely knit, but I like the purl stitch.

And what a blast from the past with this fella!


I love it! You did a wonderful job, and now you also know how to knit fingerless gloves! And I must say, Cinnamon Rolls (my Pound Puppy, who is 31 years old) looks quite comfy in the sweater :heart:


It looks great! And I love the idea of a stretchy sweater. (Seriously, I just wanted to use, like, four exclamation marks there but I resisted.) It’s genius. My sister was given a sweater for her first born that we called “The Magic Sweater” because it just seemed to fit forever. Now I’m wondering if maybe it was this style, I can’t remember … It was 18 years ago.

This is a great accomplishment! You have every right to be proud. :slight_smile:


That’s a lovely sweater!
In one of my favorite colors.


You are right to love it! Looks great.


That is adorable and also so clever! Dressing wiggly wee bodies can be such an adventure!


Congrats on your first! Looks great!!! (I never resist multiple exclamation marks. Otherwise, how can you tell how enthusiastic I am?) :wink:


A) This is so cute! I love the bright colors.

B) OMG is that a pound puppy?!


Awww! Lumpy is okay! You did a great job.


Beautiful sweater!!!

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