First Stained Glass

I’ve always wanted to try stained glass and yesterday I took a workshop for it. I love it!

I thought the design I picked would be easy, but it turns out that the inside curve is the hardest to cut (because glass wants to break in straight lines). On top of that, my pieces were meant to fit together just right. The pieces were wonky so the whole thing is, but I still love it and will be doing more in the future.

You can’t tell in the pic, but they are all iridescent.

I will be attempting faux stained glass in resin. We’ll see how that goes.


Lovely composition, you did a nice job.

This turned out very cool!

This is lovely! I haven’t tried to break glass that thick but with thinner glass, you do the curve first!

My uncle used to do a lot of stained glass, but I lived far away and never got to watch. This is really pretty.

It came out great! Love the design.

Impressive; I took a class, was very bad at it.

Pretty! I love the color combo and shape!

Had a friend who used to do glasswork… This is very pretty!

Thank you all for the comments. :smile:


I love this wonky star, it has so much charm and joy.

Can’t wait to see what else you make, you seem like a natural at it!

:herb: Oh my giggles! Your lovely craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :tulip:

What a neat new skill! You did a great job on this!


Oooo. Now I want to bust out my glass kit.

For a first timer you did great. Especially on the solder.