First weaving project - wall hanging

I bought a kid’s loom because I haven’t done weaving since elementary school and I wanted to give it a try. I initially planned a larger project, but sized it down so I can give it to my son. We are out of school for at least two weeks and he needs a project more than me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very cool. I hope he has fun. The 3rd graders go on a field trip to this cool museum where they do a weaving and get a small kit to take home, and the last few years my art teacher friend has added weaving into her curriculum for some of the older elementary grades. They love it. I hope your son has fun, and of course you share his finished project!

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Lovely! I love the textures you chose.

Very nice! Love the colors and the various weaving things you used. Your fringe look like feathers! Hope both you and your son can enjoy this!

Awesome combo of colors and textures!

These colors makes my heart SING!!! And weaving is on my list. Rustic, yet stunning.


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So pretty! I love the textures.

Love the scrapiness, I need to weave. This is groovy.

Nice job!