First Zen Cat Tree

Finally finished with the first Zen Cat Tree since I first came up with the idea back on the old Craftster site.

I’ll play around with this one, and see how well it holds up, as I made quite a few modifications to how I pieced it together in relation to my dollhouse cat trees.

(note, don’t have good lighting at the moment, so the pics are going to be a little off).


After a couple of hours of using it, it does yield a calming effect (affect?). So I can definitely see this being a thing. It does need something else, though…But what? A toy would get in the way of moving the kitties around, and if I made it so the toy could be moved…Well, there would be a lot of holes in the platforms, plus, they wouldn’t be able to be moved easily. So that would negate the calming effect (affect).

Oh, I did have another idea. Sort of a turn table like method of it. That way, I could add other sculpted objects into it, plus it could be turned around. (However, I’m unsure how to do a miniature turn table). Plus, if I could figure out how to do a turn table, I could make one that would look more tree like, as well.
(Update on this, they do make miniature lazy susan bearings, about 2.8 to 2.9 inches wide. Those just might work).

Either way, what I get from making it and using it, it will be a “hand crafted item” (Not really plausible…erm! Plausible isn’t the right word…aesthetically pleasing enough, in my opinion, to mass produce this). The weight is perfect. So the weight distribution is excellent. The soft dots, or bumpers work beautifully to keep it from sliding around. And the heights of the platforms are just dandy.

The little white kittie says, “Meow”.


Haha. I love this idea! “Zen” through cat arrangement! :laughing: Your set up allows for lots of options. Great idea and very well crafted.

I’d add a tiny ball of yard (thread) or something. Love it!

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If my desk weren’t utterly covered in a million things it’s not supposed to be, I would totally add a Zen tree to it to while away the conference calls… :smiley_cat:

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Hmm! That just might work. Leave a long enough piece of thread so it can be picked up easily enough plus the tail could dangle off of the platforms and function like a toy.

Finding something with a decent weight will probably be the hardest part. Probably wouldn’t be wise to use those tiny round lead fishing weights. (I’m not sure how allergies work, as I don’t seem to have any, heh).



Well, that was a royal pain, heh. I used a latex glove, put a little glue on the glove itself, then wound the string over a bead. The final process, I just glued the strands as best as I could.


Looks good, tho!


I like it. If I had one on my desk, I might not get any work done :smiley:

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You had me at “cat”. These are too darned cute!

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This is wonderful! It sparks a lot of ideas for what other zen items could be created. I absolutely love this cat tree.

Harrumph! It’s much too large, and not at all aesthetically pleasing, but it does seem to work for these little kitties that are too big for 1:12 scale. Meh, I have a special cat tree to design for a friend, so after I’m done with working on that I’ll finish this up and see if I can’t get her looking better.

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Your cat trees are too cute!!

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