Fisher Price A-frame Home For the Holidays

I have been searching for a few years for a low priced Fisher Price Little People house and a few weeks ago just happened upon one while scrolling through FB Marketplace after having forgotten that was even a thing for months.

The seller was very Covid-conscious and willing to wait a couple days until I was back in “the city” to pick them up, so I jumped on the chance to get the A-frame AND the Tudor houses for $25! They came with a few pieces of furniture, a couple of people, etc.


Luckily, I already had a stash of people, furniture, etc. from making - and planning to make - dioramas. Ahem.


I used kiddo versions of TheMisterT (as a ninja) and myself. Then made a few holiday decoration for our Little selves: a tree, stockings (the big one is for Delia Dog), wintery bedclothes, a pennant bunting, a bow on the front porch bell, and a welcome mat.


I had also recently purchased a mail truck with letter carrier so I made a batch of Christmas cards using some svg files from a Valentine card to cut them.


And then I went ahead and did near-future versions of TheMister T and I and an ageless Delia. When I gave the kiddo/oldz options to TheMisterT he said, “But this guy doesn’t have any hair.” And I said, “Yeah, and she’s ENTIRELY grey… hence ‘near-future’”.

I went ahead and picked up a string of battery-operated, multi-colored LEDs to string on the roof line.



That’s great! Love the Christmas Future and Present. Gonna add a Past with children and puppy?

This is such a cool idea!

P.S.~That dog figurine takes. me. back.


Well, the kiddo version is supposed to be the past. No current version without some time spent altering some people!

I love the doggo so much

Aww, I had to give my Fisher Price collection away a couple years ago (except the Ferris wheel) when moving and downsizing, and the A-frame house was always one of my favorites. I love your Montana remodel! The lights are perfect.

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Oops, poor reading comprehension.

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I just like to think that you thought I was way too young to be solidly middle-aged… like I am. :upside_down_face:

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I think of you as thirty, even though you’ve mentioned your real age.

I kind of think of myself as thirty, too. When did I get old?


So fun! The mail truck is the best! All those letters…delivered on time!

I have been old for a long time! Not the bad kind, the good kind!

I love mail-themed things AND Fisher Price Little People, so I had to have it!


I love how you personalized it. All the figures, especially the dog, look thrilled with it. :blush:

When I was a kid, we lived in an A-Frame house for a little while, in a tiny village called Eidelweiss in northern NH. My parents had bought a house that was still under construction in the village, so we rented the A-Frame from my uncle, who had lived in it for a few years previously, before he built a bigger place for his growing family. I remember it seeming so strange to my eyes, at the age of 6 or 7, since we had lived in a larger city down south, where there were no houses like it, but now I long to go back! Thanks for the trip down memory lane dear!


Wait a sec…what am I doing in that house? Love it so much! So cute!!!


Thanks, friends!

@MistressJennie I remember first seeing this style of house at a friend’s house and being both mystified and entranced. Then as a young adult, I worked for a small business whose owners lived in an A-frame house in the forested hills! They really are real!

This really takes me back. I had the FP Little People Bus.

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Aw, the wee bunting! Very cute. We lived in an A-frame house on Vancouver Island when I was a baby, mom and dad told me all sorts of stories about that place, they loved it.

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