Five Quilts for Kids Donations

I finished five children’s quilts to donate to Quilts for Kids, an amazing charity that gives quilts to seriously ill children in hospitals (kids can’t bring their stuffed animals because they can’t be washed & dried at high heat), and to police officers who are helping kids in traumatic situations. All five were made with nearly all scraps, and stash precuts my mom sent me back when I was pregnant. They are even filled with batting scraps that I Frankensteined into bigger pieces.

The first two were made from rainbow blocks leftover from a baby quilt I made for a coworker 16 years ago! I had 20 finished blocks, and the strip sets for 19 more, minus the one pink square. So I pulled a similar pink fat quarter out of stash, and finished them all off. That left me with 39 9-Patches, enough to make one 6x6 square and one 6x7 rectangular quilt. The yellow borders were from the mom stash.

I pieced the backing with the last of the yellow, and a one yard precut from Walmart.

This second square one is backed with the same yellow, which I was able to find in a 1 yard precut at Walmart. The black binding was stash.

When cleaning, I found these hot air balloon squares already cut in my stash. They were leftover from a baby quilt I made for a dear friend, 12 years ago. The 4-Patches were made from more stash fat quarters. The bindings came from a bundle of precut 2.5" strips, and the backs were pieced from 2 1-yard precuts each. (I have about 3/4 of a yard of each leftover for another project.)

The teal bound one has a fun modern triangle backing.

This one is identical, but bound in purple.

The backing is a fun zig-zag.

Meanwhile my mom also recently sent me a box of random fabric scraps, that included this Aristocats fabric, as well as the hot pink, blue, and white. I pulled the black from my stash, and used some scrap black flannel for the back and quilted it in hot pink. I did have to pick up 2 fat quarters for the binding.

I had all the tops pieced in November. Then in December they put out an emergency call for more boy-themed quilts, as they were entirely out of boy, and gender-neutral quilts, so after I finish off two WIPs, I’m going to make some Harry Potter quilts for them too. My goal for the year is to quilt my way through as much stash as possible, and reduce my folded fabric stash by half. Wish me luck!


Wow! What beautiful quilts you’re making, and for such a great cause. The first hot air balloon one is especially appealing to me; not sure why!


Gorgeous, generous & impressive! Really nice work Jennie. Best of luck with the destashing this year!

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These are beautiful; what a great charity! I’m sure the recipients will take great comfort in them.


What a wonderful way to destash! Especially extra squares that are already made (or almost made). I can see now that when faced with a request based on gender norms, even a huge stash could come up lacking.

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I love that you are doing this! And way to bust the stash!!

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As fast as you quilt, you can do it! I love these. My favorite is the Aristocats. I mean, it’s cats. LOL! I also love the contrast of the black, pink, and blue. The hot air balloons were neat to see how much one color can change the look of a quilt. Nicely done!

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So well-made! Your binding is glorious - you can never look up close at my attempts lol. There are some really lucky kids who will be getting these babies.

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Wonderful quilts! I think it’s great that you are making these, I hope it helps bring some color and warmth to the kids who need.
I really like the colors on the Aristocats one (and it’s one of my kid’s favorite movies).

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You are like a quilt fairy godmother! :magic_wand:

You turned all those scraps into amazing works of art that will be cherished I’m sure. You’re already rocking your goal for the year. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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