Flag emoji broken

Hi there, I noticed the flag emoji are showing just letters instead of the images that used to be there. I have some emoji next to my user name for example, there was a Canadian flag but now it just says CA

I see two flags and a globe next to your name.
I’m using a Chromebook
Just checked using Kindle, that works too. Both are Android.

What kind of device are you on? It’s displaying properly on iOS.

Works on my cell phone but not Chrome on my work PC. Everybody with a location flag in that spot just shows the letters.

I verified it’s displaying correctly on chrome on my MacBook.

They show normally for me. I use Firefox on my PC.

By the way, in photojenn’s screenshot they are flag shaped (wavy), but for me they’ve always been rectangles.

When we’re testing an email layout, Litmus is used to see rendering across OS. The variations are amazing, nothing is predictable, lol.

The flags show wavy when I’m on my phone, rectangular on the PC. Weird!

(But they are showing in any case.)

Is your phone an iPhone? Typically Apple has more stylized emoji (which would account for the wavy flags vs flat). Your system (computer, phone, etc) is what is actually doing the conversions from the character code to the image (flags in this case).

It’s a Samsung, actually. The flags in your screenshot look slightly different than what I typically see on Android, but they’re pretty close.

Magpie, is this still happening for you? I am unable to reproduce it.

It looks fixed at this point, thanks for following up!

Oh wait

Still not working on work PC running chrome