Flannel Love Lap Quilt

I just finished another quilt for my Laps Full of Love donation group. I started with a pile of leftover charm squares and scraps from my SILs quilt. I did have to purchase more for the sashing, binding, and back. iI’s always that way with a scrappy quilt, after you use up the scraps, you need bigger pieces to finish it off. I ordered a top sheet from Target for the back and it looks great.

The squares are in a geometric heart shape and the quilting emphasizes the year. It was a fun and easy quilt to make.

Mailing it off soon.


Oh, I bet this is so cozy! What a lovely way to provide comfort to someone.

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I’m sure the recipient will love this! The colours are gorgeous.

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I love the rays coming off the heart in your quilting! What a great (and kind) way to use up your scraps!
I’ve often thought of using a top sheet for the backing. Do you look for anything in particular when buying a sheet for this purpose (ie. a certain amount of cotton content or anything else). Was your top sheet flannel as well?


After making one quilt with both a flannel top and backing, I vowed never to do it again! Everything shifted terribly. I quilt on my home machine which has a tendency to bunch up the top layer on long stretches. I’ve tried everything, so I compromise with wide quilting (I like a fluffier quilt anyway) and wavy quilting lines. Most of the time it gets hidden after I wash and dry as the quilt shrinks a bit and fluffs up.

I look for all cotton sheets, but if I’m thrift shopping, the higher the cotton content the better. Target sells just top sheets, so that’s nice. It’s hard to tell sometimes unless you get out a match and burn a piece…they frown on that in thrift stores. :slight_smile: The only issue I have with thrift store finds is they wash with stinky, stay-forever laundry soap and I can’t handle the smell. I have some pieces in the basement off-gassing…um hopefully fading. You can’t wash that stuff out.

I noticed small holes in the last thrifted sheet I used, so suddenly there were little heart applique patches decorating the backing. I also always add a label with my name and year.


This is just gorgeous, the quilt and the heart that made it

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Really pretty! Love the colors and the radiating-hearts quilting on it.

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Great colors and I love the accentuated heart!

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So pretty! I love the colors you used- so cheerful!

I love that you quilted it in a heart pattern. It compliments the design well. It’s very pretty and I am sure you are making someone’s day by getting such a wonderful quilt.

Great colors, and I always love a heart motif!

Happy birthday to you! I hope you get to have a fabulous and crafty day!

Oh, this is lovely! The purple is such a gorgeous highlight to all that warm red/orange. Super nice.

Happy Birthday!

:tada: :dizzy: Congratulations! This spectacular project is featured this week! :dizzy: :tada:


Thank you. You don’t know how hard this was to send this one off. It was so comfy.

It’s now in the hands of a woman who is battling cancer and is struggling with income issues too. So this will be a warm hug for her.