Flannel pillowcase

Recently I decided I dislike short pillowcases, and I wanted longer ones for when I sleep on my side & switch arm positions a lot - longer cases keep everything in place the whole night. So I grabbed some flannel from my stash and made a trial case & figured out the dimensions I wanted, so that now I can make as many as I want!

So here’s my kitty flannel pillow case - goes great with my vintage bedspread!


That looks so warm and cozy… and a great match! :heart_eyes_cat:


I love a useful project! Glad you solved your pillow case problem in such a cute way. The fabric is adorable.


Wow, that is a long pillowcase! And also, excellent inspiration- I need one, too! Or four…

Cute fabric choice!

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Sewing is such a useful and wonderful skill, isn’t it? Sucha great use for that cute flannel and what a cozy way for the rest of your long winter’s nap! I’m looking forward to seeing what others you make.

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I grabbed it from the remnant bin at Joann a few years ago … pandemic really has me using up my stash finally!

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