Fleece Furniture Covers

I offered to make fleece covers for a friend’s futon & thrifted chair. She had just enough fabric for the futon, a smallish blanket and a pillow. I had fleece with very similar plaid and some plain navy in my stash. Needless to say, the futon, blanket & pillows were easy. But the chair was a bit of a challenge, trying to get the best placement of my limited fabric. Alas, I did need to buy half a metre of red fleece for the back of the chair.

She and her son were pleased and it made it cosier for movie-watching.

The ‘befores’


Really nice work! Chair covers, with their curves and corners can be a bit tricky to fit well. Really good job, especially on the futon, blanket and pillow!


Great job on the chair, those are tough! I really like that futon cover with the blanket & pillow, so cozy!

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So well done. All the corners fit perfectly.

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You did an AMAZING job on fitting these. And now they look so warm, cozy and inviting! Love the transformation!

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Excellent transformation! It does look functional and cozy! You did a terrific job on that chair…I love the splash of red on the back.

What a generous offer for your friend! I bet the furniture is now super cozy and comfy.

This is incredibly well done and a vast improvement. Nice work!

Great fit on both, but that chair is especially impressive. And the cozy factor is much improved!

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Wow, they turned out great! I’ve tried to do that before, so I know how difficult it is. They do look super cuddly as well.

Amazing job! They look so inviting!

How great! They’re like brand new pieces now.

Thanks for all the kind comments.

It wasn’t completely selfless - I was a back-up caregiver for her son, so I often sat there pondering how to make the furniture more appealing.


:rotating_light: :rotating_light: Weee-oooo! Weee-oooo! Congratulations! You’re super craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Wee-oooo! Wee-oooo! :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

Awesome work! It looks so fresh and inviting, a great improvement :slight_smile:

Thank you! There are so many amazing crafters here that inspired me.

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