Fleece Pull-Over Refashion

I bought this fleece pull-over, but decided I preferred a jacket and didn’t really like the zip right up to my neck. I removed the original zipper then it sat for a couple of years waiting to be finished until the early days of pandemic. The one side of the new zipper is a bit wonky but not worth redoing.

The before:


Looks great to me! I would get a lot more wear out of a jacket than a pullover. Well done!

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What a great upgrade! Looks like it was meant to be that way.

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Looks good!

I converted a pullover (which had been ignored for a couple of years) recently, but didnt think to stabilize the front. It stretched several inches longer, with the ends hanging off the zip top and bottom. I redid, now it looks great, and is my favorite jacket.


Nice job!

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I have another sweater I want to make into a cardigan. Thanks to your input, I will definitely use a stabilizer, especially if I make it a zipper-up. Ages ago, I added a zipper to a sweater but I am not sure if I used a stabilizer. It turned out fine, but I no longer have the sweater - weight-gain issues, sigh.


Much better after you refashioned it.

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You did a great job on this! I would never have guessed that it started life in a different fashion. I agree with your choice not to have the zipper go all the way to the top. It seems that not having the weight of the zipper may also help the collar stand up better.

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