Fleece Pullover Rabbit Rabbit

Last fleece of the season, maybe.

Wow this fabric is thick. My serger did not enjoy sewing over the seams. I also had to go back and fill in many skipped stitches on the hem.

Pattern: McCalls 8143
Fabric: Celestial Bunny Luxe fleece from Joann.

Colors are closer to this sample.


Love, love, love!

And youโ€™ve nailed the placement of those rabbits! Unsurprisingly, of course.


Such pretty rabbits! Great zipper, tooโ€ฆ

@TheMistressT I would have liked to move the rabbits up juuuuust a few inches, but SHOCKINGLY I was short 1/4 yard of fabric and that was the best I could do.


So nicely done.

Really pretty fabric! And, as always, youโ€™ve made it into something wonderful!

Again, perfect positioning! You always have such fun style.

Another great item, is there anything you donโ€™t sew for yourself?

@Cindy I only sew tops!

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