Flipper Dripper

Another amazing title from Mr Loops there…

Soooo, I started this sew back in April, before the spine issues, and prior to losing Rosie. And following all that I thought it would be nice for Mr Loops and I to go on a Spa Break or something together, something we couldn’t have easily done with our gal around, buuuuut money money money, after googling some ideas we decided it just wasn’t on the cards… so we bought a lil 7ft ish blow up kiddies pool for the garden instead :grin:

Weirdly we got the kiddies version because it was much cheaper, but the only difference is that there are cartoon sea creatures on the bottom, and it came with kids goggles!!

Anyways, I digress… as such I figured I’d best get my towelling set finished for some summer spa days!!

I’m not entirely sure how comfortable I am putting pictures of myself essentially nekkid in a spa robe/towel dress and hair wrap on the old internet, but here we go, I think I’m of an age where I’m past caring now, lol!!

Obv when I make a towel dress I put pockets in it (to match the binding on the hem of course)… duh. And obv I make a matching hair wrap… and matching slippers!

So for the dress I ended up just making a simple tube dress with an elasticated top, buuuut since my bust is beyond ample I also added an elasticated internal shelf to keep the gals comfy and dry. For the hair wrap I kinda winged it from the one I already had and some free patterns I found online, it’s a bit tight on my bonce tho so I need to make the elastic longer or something. And for the matching slippers I used a free tutorial on crafty nest, I didn’t have any faux leather for the bottom so just used towelling all over, and I might add glue dots to the bottom in future so I don’t slip on our wooden floors!

I am really glad that we got the pool, and that I made my matching towelling set, the former has really helped us relax and try and mentally recover from the last few months (especially now we have a heatwave here in the UK), and the latter has meant that I don’t flash the neighbours quuuuuite as much… :blush:

And now what you’ve all been waiting for, a couple of action shots of our new rescue pup Lady Arwen of Lydney (Arwen for short :wink: )!! Today is her 1 week adoptiversary in fact!! :cupcake:

Here she is relaxing and giving me the evil eye whilst I work on my next sew outside so that I can keep a close eye on her (because she’s tried to eat the pool more than once…)

And doing some crazy stuff with her own paddling pool!

Oh and the towelling fabric and bias binding I got from Minerva btw, nearly forgot!

And that concludes our craziness for today, and I’m going to go in the pool again because I’m baking!!
:sun_with_face: :sunny: :melting_face:
Loops xx


Super fancy at-home spa 'fit! NICE!

And very nice to meet you, Arwen. Can’t wait to get to know you!

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I love that you made an entire set to go with the pool, which I would prefer the cartoon characters actually. But I have a question, are you wearing that in the pool? Or? LOL!
Wonderful color to go with the water theme and love the pocket. We all need a pocket.
Arwen looks like she is settling right in and having a blast. She is a cutie who is in for a phenomenal life!


Great choices on the sew, and i’m really happy to see your smile in the pool pic- i’d heart the photo if i could. :heart:

Welcome, Doggy friend! May you all have a wonderfully long adventure together. :beers:

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What an awesome outfit for your backyard oasis!

Hiya Arwen!! :wave:

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Haaaaa, nah, it’s my selection of me-made tankinis in the pool (not all at the same time tho), here’s the really flattering picture Mr Loops took of me and my many chins whilst I was floating/dozing/sunbatheing.

I’ve since got a blow up ice cream cone to float on, the only downfall is that it’s literally bigger than the pool…

My spa-set is for post pool as there’s nothing worse than trying to get dressed after a shower or the pool, I’d much rather throw on a towel, but since I’d rather not flash the postman or the neighbours I figured a towel dress was much better!!


Arwen’s on FB already in fact if anyone’s interested, she’s such a social queen!! :star_struck: Rosie had her own FB and Insta pages too, but I don’t think I ever actually shared them on here :open_mouth:


I am in love with Lady Arwen! She reminds me of one of my former pups…chewing on everything, which, fortunately, they do outgrow! Patience and lots of chew toys, hide your shoes, and anything valuable, but you will lose some pillows, towels, etc. It is the reason nothing in my house is too dear…I value my pets, not my stuff! lol

I love your towel dress and want one for the beach! Pockets…of course! Thanks for sharing your outfit and your new pup.


Great pool outfit! Like a portable cabana!

Heat wave in the UK? Is that like, 30 degrees C?
It’s been in the 40s here (105-115 F).


Love the new pool and the new pup and the poolside outfit. The slippers are really cute, and I love that your wrap has a pocket. Great action shot of Arwen!


You mentioned flashing the neighbors so I was curious.


I love your posts! Always so upbeat (in spite of everything)! Love the new spa outfit!

Arwen is adorable!

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Gorgeous, you and the flipper dripper. I wish we were getting some of that heatwave. It’s raining here.


@aimr - Oh that’s very much her at the moment I have to say, they warned us to hide anything precious from her, lol. I think she’s getting better as she settles in and works out what she is and isn’t allowed to chew tho!

@steiconi - Lol, yeah it’s been about that but it’s supposed to get up to around 34 early next week, and potentially over 40 in London, yikes. Course the difference is that here our average temp for July is under 20 so we’re very much not used to it, and we don’t have aircon (save for some big shops, offices and hotels maybe)!!

@Edel - Oh dang that doesn’t seem fair! Well I guess it kinda travelled across Europe, and now it’s us, perhaps it’ll hit Ireland next, eep!


They say it will come to the Netherlands next!! Our weather has been weird for a few weeks. Warm one day, cold the next day, rainy, clouded, thunder, clear sky.

I was on holiday in the UK in 2019 when it was 34C and I can confirm everyone was going crazy. We were actually lucky because that same day they hit 40C at home! One of the reasons we like the UK for summer holidays is that it’s not as hot as NL. Geographically we’re pretty close but during heatwaves we can reach 35-40C. Those few degrees make all the difference for us pale Europeans who are allergic to sun and heat.

Oh and the towelling set is a brilliant idea, especially the built-in bra. I don’t know how you come up with these things but you should totally make a pattern and sell it. People will buy it!


Absolutely, we went on honeymoon in the Netherlands in 2016, and when we were in Nijmegen it hit at least 35 degrees, which is pretty rare here.

Actually the last/only time I went to Vegas in the US it was 46 degrees (115 F), but I didn’t find it anywhere near as bad as it was a much drier heat than we get here, plus everywhere had aircon so we barely noticed it, lol. We had some rain today so it’s going to be even more humid tomorrow, urgh!!

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Pockets! I love that set! Its amazing! I need to make one, in that colour!

Arwen is beautiful!

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