Floating Pangea Model

So, while I’ve been down at my mom’s in FL, I still have to do my remote teaching. This week, the kids have a mini project, and we needed some exemplars to show them. I vounteered to make the “not so great” exemplar. I originally planned to do it in the pool right when it turned on in the morning, but it turned on earlier than I expected, so I went with plan B.

The first challenge was figuring out what materials I had on hand to make my model with. I was able to print a map of Pangea and laminate with the new laminator I bought my mom. I forgot that I wanted to leave a bit of laminate around the edges and cut them right along the border, so I laminated them a second time. To make the shapes float, I hot glued some pieces from a pool noodle onto the back.

Since I missed the pool turn on (I only had one day to do it because I came up with the idea last minute and had to have my video posted online yesterday), I decided to use a pan on the stove (the hot water could act like the mantle). But, when I filled the pan with water, the pieces of the model tipped over.

I figured the project was scrapped, but my mom had the idea to use something sticky and water soluble. Inititally thought I could use honey, but realized that I had some Sticky Sulky Solvy, so I cut some small pieces off and used them to “tape” the model together, hoping that they’d hold together until the water got hot. It was mostly successful!

Here’s the model:

And here’s the link to the video I made (my first YouTube video ever!):


Very cool! Brave of you to dive right in - both on your example and YouTube! :laughing:


Ack, now we know what happened to Atlantis! (land mass #2)


Hahaha! Yeah, it definitely wasn’t as successful as I had hoped (I probably could have made the foam pieces smaller). But, I didn’t have time to do a trial run, and it was the “not so great” exemplar anyway :laughing:

Hey, you are quite a cool teacher! Great job getting the kids started and jumping in to make the video. I know they will be inspired!

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It may not have worked quite to plan, but it was a great idea and I bet the kids will remember it even more for that!!

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I’ve done something similar before in my classroom using fun foam pieces an a hot plate, but I didn’t have any fun foam available, so I had to get creative!