Florida Mosaic Piece

I first got into mosaic works through stepping stones with my husband, and I wanted to transition to some more decorative pieces. It’s been a goal of mine to have an artistic representation of every state I’ve ever lived in—- so here’s Florida!


Love it! I’m a Florida gal myself!

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Very cool! And I love the idea of a states-I’ve-lived-in project!

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I’ve only got four states under my belt, maybe I should start now :wink:

What do you use for the base?

Nice work! Where did you get all of the little ‘bits and pieces’ for the mosaic from? Do you seal over it with anything when you’re finished?

Thanks guys!

@steiconi This is a piece of wood; I’ve found that you really do need something solid to hold up to the grouting. I’ve used cement/stone bases too, but the wood is light enough to hang afterwards without tearing up my walls.

@PrincessP It’s a variety—- there are a few bits and bobs in there that come from walks me whatnot (sea glass, shells), but it’s a mix of items that were cut from plates/other ceramic pieces and tile pieces that you can pick up from craft stores/Amazon.

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What a fun piece! You definitely have a good eye for layout of the pieces and colors. :slight_smile:

How many are you planning to make? What are you doing with them? Making a display? This one turned out very nice!

@Kwality570 thank you! I tried to incorporate all of my favorite things about FL (oranges, alligators, butterflies, etc)

@gozer Not sure yet! I’ve done this one and one for GA (not a mosaic, that one is an acrylic pour), but I’m trying to determine the right medium for my next state (Indiana). We have a few walls in our house that are empty right now and I’m interested in filling them up!


Congrats! Your Florida Mosaic Piece is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

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Its lovely! I can tell the love you put into it. Great with the seashells.

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