Flouncey skirt

Hi you crafty bunch, hope you’re all well! :crazy_face:

I’m sad to say we still haven’t moved house :sob: so my fabric is still boxed up, waiting and waiting, and I have MUCH pent up sewing energy waiting to explode when we finally move! Goodness knows when that will be though… red tape here, red tape there… urgh

Anyways, realised I never posted this skirt I made earlier this year so figured I might as well post it now! :grin:

Wow, you can tell it was a while ago from the [small amount of] snow, mind I’m in the UK and our weather is so variable so that could frankly be any time of the year, rofl!

Anyways, I wasn’t sure if the pattern would suit me as I tend to wear more flarey loose skirts, but I figured I’d give it a go and see and tbh it’s nice to have something with such a different shape, it feels more wintery.

Downfall is that as well as having packed 99% of my fabric long ago, I also boxed up 99% of my shoes (hence wearing snow boots in the photos!), and 99% of my clothes, including this skirt now, so I’ve been living from a capsule wardrobe for months now! :sob:

No comedic shots from Mr Loops this time I’m afraid, he did take a shot of the back of my calves for some reason, but not even a shot with Rosie the :dog: pooping in the background. Oh… hold on… I just found this flattering shot…

Oh well…

:boom: Fabric: Fraid I haven’t got a clue, bought it so long ago and I didn’t make a note of it, but it is super cute isn’t it, lol!
:boom: Patterns: I used the Rock Skirt from George & Ginger Patterns, I really like the options with the ‘suspenders’ but I just can’t see it working on me with my giant bazookas in the way :rofl:

Next up WILL be more doggy t-shirts, cos I’ve already made 1 and I have a table with 3 more cut out :wink:

See ya next time :sunglasses:
Loops xx


I think it looks cute!


Your posts are so cheery! I enjoy your commentary almost as much as your cute projects! I love the flouncy skirt…and I personally like boots with them!

Hope you get settled soon…I am sure you are going crazy from not handling your stash…I know that was the first thing I unpacked and organized!


Cute fabric for sure!!! And I think that skirt looks great on you!!


@Bunny1kenobi @loves2experiment Aww thank you, definite encouragement to wear more fitted skirts :wink:

@AIMR Awesomes, defo what I’m going for :grin: Oh absolutely, I have a spreadsheet of [most of] my fabrics and I was just looking at it today to find out where I’d got a certain fabric, and I couldn’t picture so many of the fabrics, some of them have been boxed for over a year, it’ll be sooo exciting unboxing them into my new sewing room!!!

Downfall is that I may want to decorate the house first, the bedrooms had loads of kids stickers on the walls and I’m guessing they won’t come off nicely and I figure it’s best to decorate before unpacking. But you can be sure that my sewing room will be the first room I decorate :wink:


I hope you get to move house soon and get at your stash, because you should definitely make more skirts like this! So cute on you!


Loops! You’re back! I was wondering how the move was going!

I love the bottom flounce…as well as your face in the last. Candid shots are the best.



You had me at flouncy! The candid shots make my day!


The skirt looks fantastic! The fabric is great. I think it looks great on you.
You’re inspiring to want to make a shirt I bought the fabric and pattern for. I said I would sew 3 work shirt before we got called back in to work. I’m back, and I didnt get any done. Sewing clothes intimidated the heck out of me. Yours are always look so great! I need to use this inspiration and do it. Hope you get through the red tape soon and move into a lovely place where you can see for hours and hours.

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See? You are an inspiration!! Yay!!

Awesome job! I love the shape of the skirt on you, you will definitely need to make more! Hopefully you can move in soon and unpack the stash!

OMG thanks guys, I didn’t spot the notifications until just now! We finally moved in 2 weeks ago, having been incredibly stressed up until literally the last minute as even though the solicitors had agreed a date, they were still waiting for our buyer’s mortgage to be agreed until then! We left our old house at 11am to sit at his parents house and wait for the ok to go to our new house, and it got to nearly 4pm and the solicitors were like are you sure you want to complete today as it’s getting late [and we want to go home]… and you can imagine our anger at that point since we’d already given up our old keys and had all our belongings on a van only booked until the next morning!! Anyways we finally got in about 5pm to much relief, so I’ve been working on unpacking and trying to start decorating since then, so hopefully I’ll be back sewing more clothes in my new craft room in a couple of weeks! :champagne: :dog:

@JoyfulClover @bethntim Don’t worry, the candid shots will continue, Mr Loops delights in taking the most bizarre shots where I’m pulling the most comical and/or unflattering expressions

@gozer Oh absolutely, you must give it a go! If you’re worried about mucking it up then I’d get some cheapo fabric first just to try it out, I’ve definitely regretted not doing that for a few things I’ve made (including the last thing I made before leaving the old house, which was a sequin top that I should have realised I didn’t have enough fabric to make long enough!). My friend Spammy has just bought herself some fabric and wants to make herself some new work tops too, I’m looking forward to giving her some tips and tricks when she can come over for a sewing day with me soon!

@Bunny1kenobi :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Bugaboo You can be certain that my new fabric/craft storage room is the very first room I’m decorating so that I can unpack all my lovely stash, and my sewing room is the next room I’m decorating!!! The rest of the house can wait :wink:

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