Flower Hair Clip

A friend of mine is celebrating a vow renewal with her husband on 7/6/2023. She asked me to make her a hair clip. This is what I ended up with.

My friend and I have very different tastes, so I was worried it wouldn’t suit her style, but I avoided what I knew she didn’t like. (Glitter lol)

I’ve never made a hair clip quite like this one. I think it turned out pretty good overall!


That’s beautiful! I bet she loved it!

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It’s really lovely

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She said it was beautiful!

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This clip is very pretty! (even w/o glitter :rofl:)

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Glitter is a bit like cilantro I think. Lots of love and hate…

I think the hair clip turned out nice!

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Thank you! Glitter is definitely my style lol but definitely not my friend’s.

That’s very true. My husband says it taste like soap


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Very elegant. I am sure your friend will love it!