Flowers with Bugs

I’d been photography flowers for years, never knowing how they’d turn out until the film was developed. When I got my first digital camera, a whole new world opened up because I was no longer wasting anything trying to get the best shot. One day I noticed I’d caught a bug in the photo and that sort of became a new ‘thing’ to try for. These are a few of my best …

Two for one


Wow, some great shots!

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So cool! Great photos!

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What a great way to extend your hobby!

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Beautiful! Since we both like doing the spelling bee puzzle, you should submit some of these to them!

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I’ve thought about it but not brave enough I guess.

Just do it! You would not lose anything! I am sure they get a lot of photos, but it is a daily puzzle!

Your compositions and colors are fabulous!

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Okay, I did it, I submitted the sunflower photo.


Now I will be playing each morning with extra excitement because maybe I will see your picture again!

Just keep taking them…they would make lovely notecards and even a fabulous display together with some of your other pictures! Birds and bees…lol.

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Ooh, I love that bzzz coming in for a cosmo landing!

Tell me more!

NYtimes puts out daily puzzles that include a mini crossword, regular crossword, Wordle, Vertex, Tiles, Spelling Bee and a few more. I get it as a paid subscription to the NYTimes.

Spelling Bee is where they give you 7 letters with a center letter that must be used in all the words. You try to make as many words as you can with those 7 letters, minimum of 4 letters. They tell you how many words there are possible. If you get them all, you are a Queen Bee! I have been on a streak and have been Queen Bee for 4 months in a row now!

It is part of my morning coffee routine to do all the puzzles.

They include a photo submitted by the public that has a bee in it…they have all been lovely!


That is so cool. I love it!

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Yay pollinators! :heart_eyes: Lovely pictures.

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Nice job! I especially like the one with the berries.

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Great captures! Good luck with the submission, too!

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