Flowery embroidery doodling

I found this piece half stitched in my embroidery supplies, when searching for stuff for another stitchalong idea. The thread came in a bag for $2 from an op shop, just because. So a while ago I wanted to get back into stitching (had only ever done cross stitch really) so I looked at this bag and thought what can I do with this?

Whoever’s house it came from probably bagged them together for a specific project as it seemed obvious to me that they should be used for flowers, leaves and stems.

So I found some burgundy organza curtain scraps (also from an op shop) to stitch on and just started stitching (after looking embroidery tutorials to stitch flowers and leaves) and came up with this doodle. When I found it, I had done two flowers and all of the stem/vine and some leaves. So I filled in flowers where I had stitched stem and added some more leaves to fill the space.


Beautiful … I really like the colours you used.

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Whoa! This is stunning.

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This is gorgeous!!! Forgive my ignorance… what does op stand for? My husband and I are sitting here trying to figure it out. Old pieces? Odd parts? Off price?

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Haha, opportunity shop. That’s what some thrift store are called :smile:


This is super pretty, how do you hide your messy stitches on the back? I assume I am not the only messy back stitcher!

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@Homerof2 thankyou! The variegated thread is cool to use and I stitched with double thread so sometimes it was double of the same shade and sometimes two different shades

@kittykill thanks so much :blush:

@endymion thankyou! In Australia we call thrift shops opportunity (op) shops because they often provide employment opportunities for people with disability.

@Magpie thanks for interpreting! I realised soon after I started that I couldn’t have messy back stitches with see through fabric, so there was a lot of finishing and starting stitches :woman_facepalming: I am not sure how I am going to finish this piece because of the see through nature of it.

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I like these colors, but LOVE you used a colored organza! So edgy!

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Beautiful! Love your leaves