Flying monkey

My daughter is musical theater nerd, she’s dressed as a nun as we speak, because the sound of music is on next week and she’s in the chorus.

There’s a big weekend in June, for all the musical theatre folk, it’s a huge event and one night is fancy dress, the theme this year is magic. She showed me a photo of a costume that is half glinda the good witch and half the wicked witch of the West. I love a good costuming challenge :grin: some bits I’m not making, two halves two corsets from AliExpress, one pink and one black, laced together. With a half pink and half black wig (also AliExpress) and I’ll make the rest.

Nothing would satisfy me but that she has a flying monkey on her shoulder. So I’ve spent the day making this.

I did a bit of research and this was my inspo picture.

Before looking at this I would have sworn they were brown and I never noticed the blue face. But they also have quite human eyes

I found this dog toy

And started… Half way through I realised it didn’t have a tail! But the arms and legs were too long in any case, so I shortened them to make a tail.

The ears were taken off and made small, the rest of the ear fur went to make the quiff, the monkeys have two quiffs(!) The hands were cut up and turned into fingers, with wire inside.

I started with the face, some toy eyes on blue felt, needle sculpted and sewn onto the toy, I opened the muzzle to make a mouth to give the red inside and a suggestion of teeth

The hat and jacket were added. I improvised everything as I went along. My finger joints are telling me all about it now.

Finally the wings. Feathers from stash, pipe cleaners, felt and three machine needles later. He is done.

And creepy as hell!!


Squeee! So much love. He is the best most horrible wonderful terrible thing. I adore every little bit of him!
The fingeeees!


ZOMG! This_is_sooooo_amazing! I know her costume is going to ROCK THE H*ECK OUT OF EVETYTHING, but this little guy is the cherry on top of a half-wicked sundae!


He doesn’t quite have the manic expression I was going for, but he’ll do.

Feck I keep noticing tiny details that I’ve missed from the original.

Stepping away now. It’s Paddy’s Day tomorrow so maybe a glass of wine.

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The Flying Monkeys were always my favorite scary thing. Love this little guy. I can’t wait to see the entire ensemble!

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Nobody is going to be holding up a still from the movie to compare them. And nobody will be confused about his ID either. This is everything flying monkey, it’s perfect.


This is just incredible!! I can’t believe you just started this earlier today! Those fingers! That face! I love the tuft of hair.

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Cool and creepy!

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The way it is holding that seem ripper is amazing. It’s like he is ready to use it. Super creepy-cool. Your daughter will be the hit of the dance for sure!


Wow! This is the PERFECT addition to her costume! You’re the coolest mom in town!

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Impressive-- that came together so quickly, too!

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