Flying Spaghetti Monster, May You Be Touched By His Noodly Appendage!

It started out as a project for friends who moved across country a few years ago and are sorely missed. I sent them this lovely rendition of our shared beloved deity, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

In the above photo I’ve arranged the Noodly Appendages but it was just so much fun touching and positioning those that I left them free so they can be played with by the recipients.

I love him so much, I ended up crocheting one for our tree this year.

… oh dear.

So happy with how it turned out once assembled! LOL!

The kids are also big fans of this creature so here’s one for the lad.

The base of him looks like this, it’s big, chunky, substantial, fun to play with and durable enough to last.

This more delicate version is for the girl, she’ll display it carefully and reverently.

This is a wee hand sized dude for my sweety to fidget with during long, boring meetings. There’s a loop for twirling. He is going to LOVE this.

I thought about writing a pattern but it’s honestly so dang easy to make one up. The eyes are 8 sc in a magic circle, next row 2 sc in each stitch, next row one sc in each stitch. Use a thinner yarn for the white and a larger for the noodle colour, that way when they are stitched together the noodle pulls towards the front forming a sort of lid. The iris is simply black yarn stitched across in each natural hole of the 8 sc, 4 stitched for each eye as shown.

Pipe cleaner is jammed through a stitch or two in each eyeball as shown, then folded in half and twisted together. The eye stalks are rectangles sewn up one side with the pipe cleaner inserted for stiffness. Sew the top of the tube to the eye ball and the bottom to either the meat balls or whatever shape you’re using to attach everything to. I did insert the bottom ends into my stabilizing shape for better structure.

The noodles are either single strands or a bunch stitched together, sc a row then slip stitch back along to the start, that makes a curly strand. I sewed them all over the base shapes.

I made 5 FSM in total, I couldn’t seem to stop myself, it was that much fun!


Oh my these guys are so fun! I love all the variety you gave to them. A few years ago one of my close friends would just casually drop flying spaghetti monster references into our conversations and I’ll be honest I had to Google it.

Of course people stop to ask you what you are making when they see you with hook and yarn in hand and I have been so surprised as how unknown the FSM is! Our parcel delivery person at work told me he’d googled it and that I was “So Weird”, lol. High praise indeed :smile:

They all turned out great! It makes a great tree topper, too! I am not sure I had heard the initialization previously, but I had for sure heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster back in the earliest years of the 21st Century.

They turned out fantastic! I had a whole collection of FSM things over the years…such a fun and weird creature…it was either that or joining the Church of the Bong… :joy:

These guys are awesome! Well done.

Oh bless, I adore it! So much!

That’s a pretty cute flying spaghetti monster. I always laugh when I see them as bumper stickers.

So genius and the simplicity makes even more awesome to recreate over and over again!

I love that you put one on top of your tree! :laughing: I think the mini is my fave rendition. Awesome.

I had to google that, “Church of the Bong”. Didn’t get any hits but I think I can imagine it… lol.

Thanks all! Super fun to make, I hope somebody will try it. I sent a link to the website, maybe it’ll get around, haha.

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Love!!! Your FSM tree topper is hilarious and wonderful!

I’m so jealous! These are fantastic

These are amazing! I’m glad you’re sharing the noodley love. :slight_smile:

Don’t get jelly! I love to swap :wink:

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:dancer:CONGRATULATIONS! Your awesome project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :man_dancing:

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The loop for twirling is epic beyond reason! Squeee!!!