Folded Book Tree

I purposely left off the word Christmas in my title because these can be for anything, I chose pages to make them christmasy.

The original idea was to fold the entire book but I was part way through the first one when my hubby came home and he thought it looked great the way it was. We leafed through the books looking for Christmas pages to put on both sides as these are centrepieces for our church Christmas banquet. The original idea had them sprayed solid green but I wanted the pages visible still so did just a bit.




All together


These are darling! I love the lighter application of green.

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So elegant and seasonal!

mom had a book tree from the 1960s, made from Readers Digest magazines, heavily sprayed with gold paint, and shedding multicolored glitter everywhere. What a classy update of that monstrosity!

I can see people sneaking these out at the end of the dinner. Maybe have a drawing of some kind at each table to see who gets the centerpiece?


I was concerned the pastor’s wife, my friend who asked me to make centrepieces, might give them away so I very clearly told her last week they belong to me and I’m taking them home after the banquet. I used my own books and have plans to gift them myself.

These ones she can do with as she likes.


These are fabulous! Your husband had a great suggestion; the Christmas pages really add to the effect, I think. And love that you only did a light spray of green, so that their book-ness could shine through.

What books did you use, that have so many fun Christmas pages?

Having done some event planning in my time, I know it may actually be hard to stop people from taking the table decor… They can grab and run in the blink of an eye! It’s a high compliment to the craftsmanship, I suppose.


I recognized the illustrations instantly, it’s the Little House series :heart: ! My favourite books from childhood.

I can’t imagine people just running off with the decoration! How rude!!


These are stunning! So simple and yet so grand, esp in a forest like that

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@Immaculata has it right, it’s the Little House on the Prairie series plus Farmer Boy.

I received many compliments on these and did end up giving one away and left one at the church in the sanctuary.


These are fabulous! Another great crafty collaboration between you and the hubster. Making them full trees would have been pretty, but leaving the Christmas themed pages legible really ups the overall effect.