Sheet Music Trees

Along with the Book Trees, I also made Sheet Music Trees as centrepieces for our church Christmas banquet.

I have a very old music book of my moms and used pages from that. My hubby cut the bases from a tree we lost during Hurricane Fiona.

I like how each one is different, based on the amount of notes.


Those are very sweet! It’s good you were able to use some of the hurricane wood for such a happy purpose. And your mom’s music made these so much more personal, too.


These are really lovely! They are so simple, but so beautiful, made from things you already had on hand that were given a new life. Very fitting decoration for a church!

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These are very sweet and a nice accompaniment to the book trees!

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These are great!
And I like the way your hubby contributed as well!

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When I went into the sanctuary after the banquet, I discovered 3 of these were in there as part of the Christmas decor.


You’ve been busy!
These are lovely. And how validating to find them moved into the main decorations collection, too!