Folded Fabric Star Ornaments

I made a couple of these cute little star ornaments for Christmas gifts for a couple of my mom’s friends who came for Christmas dinner. I was short on time, so I didn’t sew them together. I cheated and used hot glue.

They were super easy- if you ever passed notes in school, you will know how to make these!

Instructions from: Felicity Quilts: Tutorial: Folded Fabric Star Ornaments


You really know how to use your fabric to showcase the prints!


You took me back to folded notes. They were the best.
These are really pretty.


So pretty! These would be great for decorating gifts too. I love a bow that doubles as an ornament.


Cute! Love the button accent.

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These are super cute! I’d love to amp up my gift wrapping next year. Something like these would look great on a package.

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Thank you!

@TheMistressT, coming from you, that is a high compliment, indeed! You are the queen of using fabrics to their best advantage! I meant to make them both with the green stripe facing up, but I accidently flipped it on one. Turned out that I liked that one much better!

@gozer, folded notes & paper footballs! I don’t see as many folded notes being passed in my classroom, but paper footballs are still a thing :laughing:

@Magpie and @Bunny1kenobi, what a great idea to put them on a gift! The came out about 3" X 3", so they’d be a good size for that. Wherever I saw the idea originally, she used a bigger starting strip (4" X 10", I think) to make a larger sized star, but I like the little size.

@Abbeeroad, the original pattern had the button stitched on, but I have a feeling that would be a little challenging. I was limited in my button selection, but changing up the buttons depending on the fabric would give the stars such a different look!


So cute! And I agree that they would make nice package-toppers.

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