Folk art printed fabric

I’ll be sending some happy mail this valentine’s Day and I thought instead of cards, I’d send some fabric. So I cut this folk art inspired lino cut and printed fabric. The repeat is approx 4".

To keep with the folk art vibe, i printed into unbleached Calico.


These are gorgeous! What an amazing idea!!!

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The birds are darling. What a fantastic idea. It looks so lovely!

So pretty!

It reminds me of those boxes of candy hearts, but beautiful!

Lovely vintage vibe!

Does anybody else see skulls, or am I obsessed? I can see the birds if I enlarge the picture.

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Lovely stuff!

What a lovely idea and your lino cut is just wonderful.

What fun and thoughtful Valentines. I love the idea of these being used in a future project by a recipient!

Awesome idea!

I see the skulls too. I think it’s because we’re seeing it from a bit far, and the mind is trying to complete a pattern.

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You can see the skulls really clearly in real life too, it’s not just an artefact of the photo.


Totally had to click for a close up, I see the skulls too!
Great idea, it’ll make really cool cards.

This is a GREAT idea!!