Food Package ATCs

Lately I’ve found myself saving food packaging because bits seemed like they’d be interesting elements for projects. I can get carried away with hoardingkeeping “useful” discards, though, so this weekend I made myself get on breaking them down and creating some ATCs. (Don’t worry; several bits did go into stash…)

I’ve been relying on Walmart’s curbside pickup, and they recently had to substitute a fridge pack for my soda order. It came with a big old sticker just begging to be part of an ATC. I also used acrylic paint, Sharpie, gel pen, and some paper referees.

(If you’ve been following the Challenge Chain thread, this is the project I was crafting just as calluna was posting “substitution” as a prompt :laughing:.)

This one is cereal box, with washi tape, Sharpie, and paper cutouts.

This is part of a maze from the back of the cereal box, plus Sharpie, paint, a stamp, and a tab from (probably) a butter box. I may end up redoing the background for this one; the design of this card evolved a lot, and I’m not sure this is quite what I wanted for showcasing the tab element.

Thanks for looking!


The last one is great! Fun stuff!

What a creative idea- using food packaging as the decorative elements on an ATC. I know it’s been done before but I don’t recall seeing it being done as the main theme this way.

Love seeing how creative you got with “discarded” items…I really love the Substitution one…

Thanks, all!

That one’s probably my favorite, for various reasons. More than the others, I think it had more interesting built-in features for me to play with.

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“Me Time” had me laughing out loud to where my husband asked what was so funny. Great ATCs!

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I love art from trash! great creativity.