Foot Feta-ish Burger from Bob’s Burgers

I bought the Bob’s Burger cook book a while back and every so often I make a burger from the book. For those you have the misfortune of not knowing what Bob’s Burgers is, its a cartoon series about a man and his family running a burger place. Every day there is a burger of the day and the name is always some sort of pun.

A fan made a site where he created real recipes to go with the pun names and then it turned into a real cookbook.

Some of the recipes I will never make. Too many weird ingredients or things I don’t like but there are still plenty I’ll try.

This recipe was ok but I will tweak it more next time. The recipe calls for 1/4 cup mayo, 1/2 cup mustard and sriracha to spread on the buns… that is a LOT of condiment. I cut way back on the mustard and even though I love mustard all I could taste was mustard… none of the feta came through. I also mixed all the feta in the meat (I used ground turkey) because I know from experience feta on top of the burger will end up with feta on the floor. But now I think next time I’ll mix it in the mayo/mustard/sriracha.

So a decent burger but needs a little work.

here is how I made it with my edits.
4 oz feta
1 lb ground turkey
1/4 cup mustard
1/4 mayo
4 brioche buns
healthy splash of sriracha.

mix meat and feta, form in patties and cook as normal. mix mayo, mustard, sriracha. spread on buns, add arugula and patty.


Sounds like fun with cooking! ha ha

I like to try various burgers when I am out because I don’t like buying ingredients I will rarely use…but feta, mustard, and srircha are stables I have on hand! Might need to get the book as we grill burgers just about every weekend!

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I have this book, too!..but don’t eat meat, so I’ve only ever made the veggie burger from the end. Now I can live vicariously through your burger experiments! :wink:

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I love the show so much, and I actually made a few of the recipes too, only through Blue Apron, who partnered with the show for a promotion. I loved the Absentee Shallot burger.



I like the char on yours.


some of the burgers don’t mix stuff in the meat so you could probably use any veggie burger base and then do all their fancy toppings.

That’s cool that Blue Apron partnered with them. My main issue with the book is all the onion, shallot, chives, and leeks. bleh.

That’s all the feta burning! But char is good. I used to watch tv chef Anne Burrell and she was always saying “brown food tastes good!”

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I don’t know who this is, BUT I AGREE! Bread, toasted, is a completely different experience! A cheese sandwich is different than grilled cheese.

Also, this burger needs some 'maters.

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The title made me. LOL! Awesome that you are actually trying these burgers. I love feta but not the condiments. It looks yummy. The turkey and feta sound scrumptious.

I am one of those unfortunates who have not watched Bob’s Burgers (I know, I know! Someone put it back on Netflix already and I’ll watch), but I love the sound of this burger!

That looks delicious! I bet it would be good with ground lamb, too.

I have the book (I like to collect funny cookbooks–and I looove Bob’s burgers), but have yet to make anything! This looks so yummy.

This is all cracking me right up :joy:.
The burger looks delish. Full of things I can’t eat anymore but I can just about smell it and nearly imagine the taste, yum!

We got a few seasons from the library, it’s so darn funny.

I’m not a fan of feta but I do love Bob’s Burgers!!! So fun to see someone using the cookbook :grin: It looks tasty enough that I would try it! :slight_smile: