Found Poetry ATCs from 2020

I made these for a swap on another site. They all feel a little melancholy to me. I think a lot of 2020 was melancholy :stuck_out_tongue: These are all found poetry where I pieced together text from different books. They don’t rhyme in the typical poetic melody but they are poetic in an abstract way.

“Dreadful Exit” September 2020 - Masterboard background and elements, sticker, metal embellishments, and text. Poem reads “There is an exit / which leads on to / a dreadful fate”

“Reconstruction Interrupted” September 2020 - Masterboard background, black paper with silver ink, stickers, and text. Poem reads “many will have / schemes of reconstruction / sadly interrupted / constantly haunted”

“Inward Satisfaction” October 2020 - Masterboard background, scrapbook paper, stickers (flat and dimensional), and text. Poem reads “staring eyes, gazing down / whisper quiet / inward satisfaction”

“Longing to Belong” October 2020 - Masterboard background, stickers, and text with some blacked out. Poem reads “fear had kept her from turning / it was in front of her eyes, / She thought she was more / than she was / She did not belong here.”

Thanks for looking and reading :wink:


Those sum up 2020 perfectly!

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These are gorgeous!

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That last one is chilling! (And I mean that in a good way.) Found poetry is something I keep meaning to play with.

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I like to cut out phrases as I see them. I run them through my little sticker maker so they are all together and right side up. I usually let them sit for a while before I start playing with how they can be re-arranged :slight_smile: I find it easier once the rest of the text is out of site and out of mind.

Black out poetry is fun too, but I find it more challenging. That’s where you take a whole section and black out the extra words… You are more limited but when you find something that works its pretty awesome.

I hope you try it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The found poetry is so good. Nicely paired with that moody shading and imagery.

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Congrats! Your Found Poetry ATCs is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

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Thank you!


These are fantastic!! beautiful work!

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These turned out really lovely! “Reconstruction Interrupted” is my favorite.

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